Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug 15th 2016

---Independence Day

            As we enter the 70th year of freedom from colonial rule, a few gaping questions remain for “We The People”. We are dutybound to resolve them for our next generations from whom we ha ve borrowed this world.

            Compare Japan with India. Both were devastated by the western powers. However 70 years later today, Japan is miles ahead of India in terms of economy, democracy and world stature.

            The key differentiator between South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan etc and other developed countries is that in the latter, democratic values in lifestyle has taken root whereas in the former,mere political democratization has occurred.

            India, until the 18th century, was a net exporter of ideas to the world. However, progressively under colonial rule, the rich democratic tradition of 2000 years starting from Vaishali’s republics was strangled. Post 1947 independence, India sadly continued with a similar Westminster model of democracy which centralizes power with States & the Central governments.

            Centralization of power results in stunted initiative taking endeavors from the citizenry. Power centralization dwarfs creativity. It is indeed lamentable that in the last 70 years, except Kailash Satyarthi, there is no Nobel laureate from India whose workplace has been India.

            The hallmark of any robust democracy is freedom of its citizenry to commit mistakes and an indomitable spirit of taking new initiatives. Present Indian laws neither authorize We the people to take initiatives nor give us freedom to err. On the contrary, present Indian System authorizes the governments to do both.

            The only way to real independence is to completely overhaul the present Indian political system by ushering in laws which curtail the power of governments and give those powers to We The People. Decentralization of power will be our truest tribute to the multitude of Gandhis, Boses, Bhagats, Ashfaqullas who laid down their lives for us to live in an independent India where initiatives, new ideas and creativity belong not to the governments, but to We The People.

            …..Because we haven’t inherited this world from our ancestors, rather borrowed from our children.


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